Liquor Interior 〜 English version

I introduce the liquor which a decoration can enjoy

A special edition of the DISARONNO designed by MOSCHINO

Hello ♪
I introduce a special edition of the DISARONNO designed by MOSCHINO this time.

This ▼


ディサローノ アマレット スペシャル エディション モスキーノ 700ml 28° This will be very pretty!

It is the design which innumerable red heart was inlaid with to a base with black.

Any woman will be pleased with this design.

The whole room becomes the cute space when you display it in the room.


By the way, MOSCHINO is an Italian fashion brand.
This is an official site.


The fashion item of Moschino assumes words "to be classical, humor, sexy" a keyword.
As for large number of heart of this bottle, "humor, sexy, classical" and the freshness that I have never seen is surely felt so far.


It is the liquor which I really want.

I want to display it in the room.


Then see you again!


It is the design bottle of the port town of Japan ♪

The ocean is so wide and so big ♪


Hello and is time of the liquor interior!


It is sudden, but I have a dream having one boarding a sailing boat.
But it is reality not to be able to readily get on (it can get on with a ferry).
Therefore I introduce liquor interior to be able to feel having boarded a sailing boat.

It is this.


カティサーク セーリングエディション 神戸港ボトル 700ml×6本It is CUTTY SARK, Kobe Port design bottle.


Kobe Port is just drawn. Cool !!



CUTTY SARK is blended Scotch whisky after the name from "CUTTY SARK" of the British high speed sailing boat constructed in the 19th century.


Though it was very good, as for displaying this in the room, I wanted to go to the port ♪
I want to go on Sunday.

Then see you (^ ^)

Whiskey of Mount Fuji comes!

 I introduce Japanese whiskey to be able to be proud of to the world this time.

"Hibiki 21years Ishou bottle" right reflects "the beauty of Japan" to a bottle.


サントリー 響 21年 意匠ボトル2015 富士風雲図 43度 700ml It is impressive beauty!!


As for this whiskey, a picture of Mount Fuji of the world's cultural heritage is drawn on the bottle.

It is an elegant appearance like Mount Fuji.


The taste of the contents is judged to be the number one in the world (this wins the blue ribbon of the international spirits challenge).


It is the bottle which I want to display on the side of the hanging scroll.


Then see you again!

The Moon Princess? No, it is shochu.

 I introduce the shochu called very rare liquor "Satsuma Okina" (Satsuma old man) this time.

This is it.





竹焼酎 薩摩翁 芋焼酎 25度 900ml【鹿児島県/吉永酒造】 Liquor flows from bamboo!

It is real shochu sold in Heiwa liquor shops of Kagoshima,

"Potato shochu is in the natural bamboo" what.


Besides, both the stopper and the cover are found nowhere.

Too mysterious!


Specifically, look at this site.


When you drink this, you cannot drink when you do not pierce it with ice picks.

How would they pour shochu?

Too mysterious!


It is right the same bamboo.
As for this, it may be pleased with a present!


Only Japan has this.

If expats see this, I think that  expats are considerably surprised.
It matches the interior of the Japanese-style room very much.



By the way, The Moon Princess is a heroine of the Japanese old tale called The Tale of the Bamboo-Cutter.
The Moon Princess is born from bamboo.


Then see you again!

The liquor which I want to display in the Japanese-style room.

You will feel the beauty of Japan this time!


This is the liquor that the label of the Japanese design is excellent.

★御歳暮・御祝・御礼・感謝・お誕生日★《おすすめ秋冬スペシャルギフト!》【八木酒造】花札の梅酒ギフト 720mlx3本セット~「感謝」メッセージカード付き

The name of this liquor is "plum wine of Japanese playing cards".

It will seem to be Japan very much.


I want to drink a decoration in the room with the tatami mat. I somewhat feel the four seasons.


This site is easy to find about the explanation of Japanese playing cards.



Then see you again!

What I want to write with this blog

I may see a bottle of the interesting form if I sometimes go to a liquor shop.
The sake increased to the stylish bottle recently, too.

I love my drinking liquor very much.

And not only I drink liquor, but also want to enjoy it as interior.

Even the person who cannot drink liquor in the people who do not like liquor either wants you to enjoy liquor!

... I thought incidentally.


Therefore, not taste of the liquor, I introduce liquor to be able to enjoy as interior ♪


Please look forward to it.
Thank you very much for your help.