Liquor Interior 〜 English version

I introduce the liquor which a decoration can enjoy

The Moon Princess? No, it is shochu.

 I introduce the shochu called very rare liquor "Satsuma Okina" (Satsuma old man) this time.

This is it.





竹焼酎 薩摩翁 芋焼酎 25度 900ml【鹿児島県/吉永酒造】 Liquor flows from bamboo!

It is real shochu sold in Heiwa liquor shops of Kagoshima,

"Potato shochu is in the natural bamboo" what.


Besides, both the stopper and the cover are found nowhere.

Too mysterious!


Specifically, look at this site.


When you drink this, you cannot drink when you do not pierce it with ice picks.

How would they pour shochu?

Too mysterious!


It is right the same bamboo.
As for this, it may be pleased with a present!


Only Japan has this.

If expats see this, I think that  expats are considerably surprised.
It matches the interior of the Japanese-style room very much.



By the way, The Moon Princess is a heroine of the Japanese old tale called The Tale of the Bamboo-Cutter.
The Moon Princess is born from bamboo.


Then see you again!