Liquor Interior 〜 English version

I introduce the liquor which a decoration can enjoy

Whiskey of Mount Fuji comes!

 I introduce Japanese whiskey to be able to be proud of to the world this time.

"Hibiki 21years Ishou bottle" right reflects "the beauty of Japan" to a bottle.


サントリー 響 21年 意匠ボトル2015 富士風雲図 43度 700ml It is impressive beauty!!


As for this whiskey, a picture of Mount Fuji of the world's cultural heritage is drawn on the bottle.

It is an elegant appearance like Mount Fuji.


The taste of the contents is judged to be the number one in the world (this wins the blue ribbon of the international spirits challenge).


It is the bottle which I want to display on the side of the hanging scroll.


Then see you again!