Liquor Interior 〜 English version

I introduce the liquor which a decoration can enjoy

It is the design bottle of the port town of Japan ♪

The ocean is so wide and so big ♪


Hello and is time of the liquor interior!


It is sudden, but I have a dream having one boarding a sailing boat.
But it is reality not to be able to readily get on (it can get on with a ferry).
Therefore I introduce liquor interior to be able to feel having boarded a sailing boat.

It is this.


カティサーク セーリングエディション 神戸港ボトル 700ml×6本It is CUTTY SARK, Kobe Port design bottle.


Kobe Port is just drawn. Cool !!



CUTTY SARK is blended Scotch whisky after the name from "CUTTY SARK" of the British high speed sailing boat constructed in the 19th century.


Though it was very good, as for displaying this in the room, I wanted to go to the port ♪
I want to go on Sunday.

Then see you (^ ^)